How to identify open areas in a polysurface

Greetings to all. I’m working on a personal project involving cargo containers for homes and offices. When building objects in Rhino, I usually check to ensure my objects are mostly closed polysurfaces, but somehow this one eluded me. So I have an object (a cargo container) that I expect to be a close polysurface, but I just found out its actually open somewhere - so how can I identify the exact area(s) where the faults are? Is there some command in Rhino to do this or do I have to somehow recreate the object? I’ll appreciate all your professional contributions.

You can find a seperate copy of one of the containers through the link below:

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I think you’re looking for the ShowEdges command. Then, select “Naked Edges Only” to show where there are naked (i.e. unclosed) edges.


Ok Menno, I’ll try that right away. Thanks a lot.

Perfect! I’ve identified the culprits. Many thanks to you Menno.

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