How to host windows on a mass wall?

I’m trying to place windows using the add component by location, but I’m using a wall that was created by mass, and I get a warning saying that this kind of element should be hosted on a wall (I can place manually without issues though) is there any workaround for this on grasshopper?

I’ll need to create a similar setup to verify.

What is your About info? Help Us Help You - Rhino.Inside.Revit Edition - #5 by Japhy

Does adding the Wall to the Host input help?

My about info above

And below my attempt to do as you asked, no effect

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Not seeing the issue in a Wall based on mass quick test, perhaps something particular to your definition.

I think my problem is that the curve isn’t within revit’s tolerance, this is the curve I extruded to generate the mass geometry, now I tested to create a wall with it and this came up. Do you know of a way I could reconstruct that curve so it can be used to create a wall?

It was generated by a rebuilt ellipse

Similar to how the Revit UI creates an elliptical wall you can do a partial ellipse.

it works just fine with the original ellipse

but when I attempt to make it with the one I’m actually using, I keep receiving this warning

Any idea how to fix it without changing the shape of the curve?

It can handle half an ellipse or a quarter, your division by parameter is creating invalid curves.

could it be the rebuild curve as well?