How to hide the CPlane and which lighting option to choose?

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I want to include images from Rhino in my thesis report. Please see the attached image

How can I hide the CPlane which is appearing as a small rectangle in all views. Also, which is the best way to extract high quality Rhinoceros screenshots other than Windows Snipping tool?

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Also, I forgot to ask another thing. There are 4 options for lighting- No, default, scene and custom. Which one should I use for the image plots?


-ViewCaptureToFile (with the hyphen), in the options you will get a chance not capture the grid, world axes icon, and cplane axes as well as set the size.

As for lighting, choose which you think looks best. If you are placing lights yourself, use scene lighting.

Thank you for the reply. This command allows to create an image file only for active viewport whereas with snipping tool I can take all 3 viewports together. Is there a command to switch off cplane axes?

In Options > View > Display Modes > Display mode name you can set this- the image shows the setting for Wireframe mode:


Try DocumentProperties, and on the Grid tab there are check boxes to show the grid, grid axis and world axis icon. I think this is more global than adjusting the settings for each display mode as Pascal described, although I don’t know if one will override the other.

To get multiple views you will need to set up a layout page. (See Layout in Help.) Another option is to create images of each view and then arrange them in a desktop publishing program or whatever you are composing you thesis report with.

Instead of the snipping tool, which will limit you to screen resolution, try Print and select “Image File” as your printer. Then in the Print Setup pop-up you can specify the DPI and lots of other details.

The “grid” command is also an option here to hide and show some viewport features. I use it often to reset my snap spacing and extents quickly.

Thanks Pascal, Mark and Sochin for your replies. The grid command works fine to switch off the cplane. And print image file is a good option to get the images.