How to hide isocurves by command?


In the RhinoSettings show surf isocurves = not
I work with t-splines, sometimes I convert it to NURBS
When converted, isocurves appear.

I can not find a command to hide it.
it can only be a tick in the properties of the object.

I would like to write a macro of this kind
! _tsConvertToRhinosurf
_show surf isocurves = not

Please help me do this with a macro

Don’t work with T-Splines, but probably something like:

! _tsConvertToRhinosurf
-_Properties _Object
_ShowIsocurves _No _EnterEnd

I assume that you need to choose objects to convert, hence the _Pause after tsConvert. If the objects that are converted to surfaces are already selected after conversion, you might not need the _Sellast.

Thank you very much!
I added one more pause - it works

-_Properties _Object
_ShowIsocurves _No _EnterEnd

Can you tell how to colored an object with a macro?
For example in Red
Properties - Display color - Red?

! _-Properties _Pause _Object _Color _Object 255,0,0 _EnterEnd

Thank you so much friend!