How to heal a buggy file?

Hello Rhinoceros staff, moderators technicians,

A few days I file I have been working went buggy. I must have done an operation or introduced something it didn’t like. Every time I tried to do something now it pauses, freezes, and the Mac spinning processing wheel shows up. The file is becoming unworkable. The file is very complex and I have no idea where to start analysing where I went wrong. Is there a way to diagnose the file to see exactly where the problem is and take it out? Please let me know. Years of work is at stake.

Thank you.

Hi @CdeV you can send the file to support here for investigation, mentioning this thread.

Pls also run _SystemInfo and post back the results.

the selbad command is a good place to start.

it will identify parts that have bad trims which can wreck havoc.

for other seeing this discussion and looking for answers - in discussion with Gijs we realised that the render settings on the file were up way to high, making the file super heavy. so in this case, basically, the file was slowing under the weight of the rendering. As soon as the render settings were changed, file size went down, and file became manageable again.