How to have iRhino not the default viewer for .usdz files?

I would like to see my .usdz files in AR but they default open in iRhino. Is there a way to switch default viewer to the native iOS AR viewer?

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You can use the “Quick Look” option from the context menu in Files app.

Thanks Morteza, Nice I see that. But I don’t get a live camera background to place the model in. My solution right now is to delete the iRhino app every time I need to do AR :person_gesturing_ok:

You can switch to AR mode in Quick Look

I also have to mention that iRhino also has an AR display mode. You can use it by switching the display mode to AR-Rendered or AR-Shaded

OK thank you. I got it now. I can see that you can do it in the Quick Look mode and in iRhino. see screenshot the feature is a bit hard to find.

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