How to have arduino read several data values

Hi guys,

Im working on a school project wherein I need to control ~80 servo motors using grasshopper. Essentially, each motor is connected to a motorized floor tile and based on a PedSim simulation the motors lift and lower the topography of the floor. Ive managed to script this, my problem is I am unsure how to get the rotational values (aka the height) of the motors to interface with arduino.

Im meeting with a software engineer who is going to help me code the arduino to move the motors based this exported list. My issue is that I dont know how to get this constantly updated list (as it reacts to the PedSim) into arduino.


Since he currently has the boards, and I dont want to waste his time, can anyone tell if I have I set up this correctly? I just need arduino to be able to read all the values contained in the panel but I just dont know enough about how arduino works to know if this is the correct set up. Ive seen tutorials like this one and this one where they are linking in a single value but not multiple.

You need a network of arduinos i dont know how many motors can a arduino control.
If we say 2 motors per arduino you need 40.
I guess you have collect more info before you start with such a complex setup…good luck