How to have a list of all open Rhino windows?

I use Rhino 5 and mainly python scripting but also RhinoCommon.

This would be exactly what i am looking for, but i can’t find it won’t accept a line like:

import Rhino

“Returns a list of all currently open documents”:
RhinoDoc.OpenDocuments Method (

That function was added in Rhino 6. There is no equivalent in Rhino 5

Thanks for the quick answer, I also have Rhino 7 but mainly use 5. I tried in Rhino7 and it looks like this:

print Rhino.RhinoDoc.OpenDocuments()

Array[RhinoDoc]((<Rhino.RhinoDoc object at 0x000000000000002B [Rhino.RhinoDoc]>))

My final purpose is to copy all open documents into one main document. Do you know how to do that?

Hi @gabriel.kure,

Documents can be complicated, what with geometry, rendering materials, blocks, user data, etc. So the best approach is to make sure all the document’s have been serialized to disk. Then choose one as the “main” document and import the others into is. Scripting Rhino’s Import is your best bet to ensure nothing is skipped.

– Dale

It’s a good input. In my case i just need the geometry.

But would the other approach be to:
a) Get the Array of documents.
b) Get the object tables for each document.
c) Make some copy in the active document.