How to group same points from different branches within the same tree and not loose the path information?

Hi all, I am really stuck here. I looked for hours on most forums and couldn’t find anything. I have a tree with several branches and each branch is storing one point. Some points are the same from different branches. I want only the unique points but I don’t want to loose their path information. Is there a way I could achieve this?


I know you’ve been at it for hrs, but please take a few minutes to post said tree.

DataTree Question for (23.9 KB)
I’m sorry. I uploaded the document with the data internalized. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you so much.

You mean somthing like this: (16.5 KB)

Not quite. Your script only filter out the unique points, but there are duplicates of the duplicates. I want to filter out the duplicates in-terms of their path information. Maybe it’ll help if I explain what is this used being for: each point represents a structural load/weight. Somewhere else in the script I have the weight for each point, but my analysis software cannot take multiple points with different loads in the same place. So I want to group the unique-duplicate points(for example there are 14 duplicates, but only 6 among them are unique) but I still want the branch path so that I can filter out the loads and add them in terms of unique-duplicate points.

The way you filter out the unique points is more efficient than mine, so I’m definitely using that bit. Thanks!

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What about this one: (17.0 KB)


That did it! Man this was so much more efficient than the mess I had. Thanks!