How to get ViewportRectangle from Grasshopper Make2D?

I use Make2D a lot for architectural diagrams and illustrations and I’m trying to automate some of the work with Grasshopper.

In my plain Rhino workflow I usually save a Rendered view with ViewCaptureToFile, generate Make2D lines with the ViewportRectangle option ticked, and combine everything in an Illustrator file.

The ViewportRectangle is fundamental to my workflow since I use it as a general guide to create Artboards in Illustrator and place the bitmap accurately under the vector linework. This guarantees that my diagrams always look sharp and all elements line up correctly, and that I can easily replace, update or create new diagrams using the same NamedView.

However, I couldn’t figure out a way to get the ViewportRectangle using the Grasshopper Make2D Component. Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance!

Human component as well…


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Thanks Rickson - that helps, but it’s not exactely the same thing…

I suppose I can move this rectangle around, scale it and plug it on the Make2D component but I wonder if there’s a simpler way to simply fetch the rectangle that’s represented in the “Make2D Rhino View” component?

Also I usually keep my NamedViews and Viewports organized separately too. I could filter by VP Name of course but that would require I always have a viewport open for every NamedView…

I’ve gone down this route, with no solid resolution – inevitably changing workflows to accommodate the quirkiness of make2D and views in GH.

Does making a Perspective View in GH work for you? where you establishing the rectangle before hand.