How to get the Standard Tool Bar?

Hi, I would like to know how to get the Standard tool bar right up as the windows version, I’m getting crazy with this mac version that has always changed the commands! please help! ah! other question when you put a image with PictureFrame and the image is paste in b&w how can i turn the image in colors?! Thanks!

You can change the standard toolbar to be more like the windows version of rhino by changing the theme for the user interface in preferences.

All the command names should be the same but the user interface is different as you mentioned. Is there a command name that has changed in the Mac version?

Picture frame should be either color or grayscale depending on the source image. Did you maybe use background bitmap instead which does have a grayscale option?

@Edgar_Cortes Note it can be “more like” but will never be the “same as”…


I have a similar problem. I would like to have the standard tool bar fixed on the top (like windows) but I can’t. Stays always visible but floating. How can I do it?

go to preferences/themes and you should be able to change :+1: