How to get the image of the selected object

Hi there.
From a selected object, how can I get its image at runtime, like a preview?

I’m not sure I could answer this either way, but I don’t think anyone’s answered your post yet because it is a little vague.
Could you try expanding on what exactly you want? Upload screenshots and so on if possible.

Also you’ve put this topic under ‘Plug Ins’, is there a particular plug in associated with what you’re trying to do?

Just trying to get a better idea so we can help you.

Sure, I’m sorry.
I’m writing my own plugin in C# for Rhinoceros.
From a selected object, I need to obtain its preview image, like a render or a wireframe of it, to use this inside my plugin’s functions.
Is it possible in Rhino?
Is there any function in API to make object preview?