How to get the Description field


How can i get the “Description” data of an VA object ?

Until now i used the RhinoObject.ShortDescription() value but this is not correct.
After that i tried using the RhinoObject.Description(TextLog) and while the TextLog.ToString gives many informations about the object, i didnt find the content of the Description field.

Thanks a lot.


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Hi @gehairing,

This “Description” property is a VisualARQ feature. Unfortunately, there is no public API yet to get or set the description. I’ll add an entry to our wish list and we’ll notify you when we expose this feature in VisualARQ API.



Thanks Enric.

Hi @gehairing, we have just released a new version of VisualARQ (2.12) which allows to get or set the description field.

You can check here the news of the new version: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.12 released


Thank’s very much :santa: