How to get seam orientation widget in C++ SDK?


When running Loft over curves I see this interactive black line that joins pivot points over them, with an arrow that I can click over to reverse orientation.

How can I get or use this widget in the SDK?
It’s different from CRhinoGetPoint in the sense that I can click and drag a point that is constrained to a curve, as long as I want till I click OK (on the contrary, CRhinoGetPoint::GetPoint() just lets me click a point once).
I guess the rest is done with display conduits on the fly, though I’d also like how to draw and select that arrow, is it in the SDK too?

Many thanks,

Hi @pagarcia,

The seam adjustment UI is not exposed in the SDK. I’ve added a with item for this.

I don’t know much about this tool. But it does look like a GetPoint and a conduit are in play.

– Dale

Many thanks Dale. This will be very helpful if it’s exposed in the SDK.