How to get rid of these artifacts?

Hello Iam trying to model a ducks head.

but I’m having a weird artifacts at the mouth.

what iam i doing wrong?

best regards
DUCK.3dm (2.5 MB)

NGons in Your layout !

Target in SubD is clean quad-layout

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do you think its possible to rescue it?

Your file has two overlapping SUBD ducks. Move them apart and it looks fine?

Hey i know That there are two ducks. But this is not the problem. Try to turn ghosted view on to see what I mean and maybe look at the pictures


Dear @d.pfifferling as eddi already pointed out - you re using n-gons - faces with more then 4 corners. And you combine them with creases … this will result in the uncontrolled effekt youre getting.

this ist the most problematic face - with 6 corners (n-gon):
(it s still 6 corners - even if 4 line up)

I think you need a few more edges / faces to receive more ore less what you re targeting:

Also try to avoid a starpoint (more then four faces meet at one corner) combined with crease

hope that points in the right direction - kind regards -tom


Thanks Tom,
this is a good help already

I was looking for a guide how to use or setup a model with quads correctly but couldnt find a good one.

this is a good start


Design should start at least with a sketch
In 3d space even better with sketch of side- and front view
Thus key points are detected before modeling

I have made a little friend
There are triangles and ngon, but hidden :wink:
DUCKx.3dm (737.6 KB)