How to get rid of the little character (t-pose model) in the corner?


Hope you see what I mean.
That little model that’s part of the interface.

(Daniel Piker) #2

On the command line type Grid, then deselect ShowWorldAxes


Out of curiosity, why do you want to get rid of this?


Sorry setting ShowWorldAxes to No doesn’t make that little guy disappear


Can you make a screenshot what you mean?


First reason is that when I make a capture I don’t want it in. I also just hate the little guy.


The little model in the corner


I honestly don’t know what that is.
Have you installed a plugin or something?


Oh, could this have been added by Rhinogold? (even though my RG license has expired)


Ok thanks, done.
It was in the Rhinogold options, it’s called the tripod.