How to get rid of a toolbar?

First it was it was RhinoNest’s toolbar that wouldn’t go away. I thought it was a bug that probably had something to do with RhinoNest and honestly didn’t care… but now the same is happening to the MRU toolbar!

Every time I launch Rhino the two toolbars (RhinoNest and MRU) are floating in the drawing area.
I can close them and work just fine, but the next time I launch Rhino… they’re there again!
Docking them also doesn’t work… when I restart Rhino I’ll have two of them… the docked toolbar and the annoying floating one.

What am I doing wrong? What’s the proper way to get rid of a toolbar?

I’d appreciate any help as it’s becoming annoying to have to close both toolbars whenever I start Rhino.


The MRU toolbar is controlled in Options > Toolbar > Size and styles.


I know, that’s how I turned it on.
Now that box it’s unchecked. If I check it another MRU toolbar shows up.

The one I can’t get rid of must somehow be a duplicate…

Hi Jay- see if the ‘extra’ turns up in the list of toolbars in the main rui as a normal toolbar somehow- (options > Toolbar) and delete it there? Also check


are there two “$$MRU_Tool_Bar$$.rui” in there?


Hi All

I’m seeing this as well ( duplicated toolbars returning at launch ). I also have issues with 32bit plugin toolbars showing up in the 64 bit application. For instance Pointools shows in both versions, any ideas how to stop this happening.
This appears to have started with the recent SR11 updates to both versions.
Rob Form

Same problems here.
Management of toolbars in Rhino is a real mess.

Is there a way to easily turn floating toolbars on & off?? Just to clear the display of what’s showing, but then turn them back on with the click of a button?


Hello - FullScreencan help - if you run -FullScreen (with a dash in front) you can set what to show and not show - you may want to just set ShowFloating=No and the rest Yes, for example. FullScreen is a toggle, so you can run it again to restore things.


Thanks Pascal. I know the Full Screen command, but was just wondering if there’s a tool to just toggle toolbars on & off during normal screen view.

Hi Sach - that will do it if you only set ShowFloating=No and the rest to Yes - only the floaters (should) troggle.


Thanks Pascal.