How to get quadRemesh to more closely follow contour?

… is there a way without rising the quads to insane number, like specify a maximum deviation from the original mesh ?

maybe using more guide curves?

How ? on a mesh of a sculpture ?

draw curves on top of the input mesh an select them from there

Yeah, I’ve seen that button, the point is how do you draw curves on a statue ? … with a million triangles on it and organic geometry that is not neatly on any axis ? … and has all kinds of nooks and crannies ? How do I know in how many places the quad mesh is off ?unless I spend hours looking ?

that will be a nightmare no matter what you do. what’s the point of using quadremesh in that model?
what do you need to do with it?

My guess is bringing down geometry so there is less memory pressure during rendering, faster loading and rendering.

Exactly as @nathanletwory said … and this is meant as a decoration in a larger scene, so keeping it lightweight but with enough detail helps.

I think it will be better and faster with another apps like meshmixer or meshlabs to rebuild the mesh but keeping fine details. I don’t think quad remesh is meant for that case


Zbrush’s decimation master is at top of list of superior mesh reduction tools. It magically optimizes triangles much better than almost anything else, all with the speed of the Zbrush backroom voodoo.
Combine this with dynamesh and it’s a winning pipeline.

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