How to get old ws toolbar into current Rhino

Please can someone at McNeel save this toolbar to the rui format or inform me how to translate it?
I’m trying to load an old .ws file and Rhino won’t let me. Any ideas on how to get this into V6-V7?
Sorry I had to upload as rar as discourse would not let me load a .ws file
Thanks for any help,

Polyhedra.rar (9.0 KB)

Hi Roland,

Here it is in .rui - I have Rhino V4 still installed on one old computer, and I could import the .ws (Rhino V2) into that and save as a .tb. Then in Rhino 6, import the .tb and save as a .rui…

I don’t know how useful it will be as it appears to call up some files that should be on your HD, but FWIW…

Polyhedra_tb.rui (80.5 KB)


Some reason why the latest Polyhedra plug-in isn’t working for you?

Hi Mitch,
Thank you I owe you a cognac. I just wanted the toolbar as I still have the models in a folder and I didn’t want to recreate the ws file from scratch. Dale’s polyhedrae are incredible but lack the strutted versions.
Much obliged for your help,