How to get Nice transition between Meshes

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to understand how works two simple primitive meshes. As you can see in image 1, I have a cube and Sphere. I need to know how can get a “kind of” radius/transition and take the control of the size. I’ve tried to use WeaveBird but the result is and small transition.

Someone has an idea to get a smooth and big transition between 2 primitives?

Thanks a lot!!
Smooth transition between two (15.4 KB)

if topology is not a concern then checkout Dendro

Thanks Shridhar for your help!!

I’m going to check that plug-in. Nevertheless, I think that with that tool I can’t take the control of the transition size.

You can take control over the resolution of the mesh, transitions and smoothing.Just tweak the “voxel” size and also checkout post smoothing the volumes.

I highly doubt your sphere has a topology which can match to your box. Then again, who knows, no file attached, or at the least having the mesh wires visible in the screenshot.

Sorry Michael! There were an error with the file attached… Now there’s a file.


Check these two cases. I personally prefer the second one.

Smooth transition between two (23.7 KB)


The topology of @HS_Kim’s mesh is what I was going to suggest.

Wow @HS_Kim!! That’s what I need :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys for your help.