How to get mesh point ID

Is it possible to get the ID(s) of the selected mesh point(s)? The point’s index in the mesh vertex list, I mean.
I need this for analyzing/debugging a python script that generates a mesh.

The ‘What’ command does not work on points, and the ‘EvaluatePt’ command just shows the coordinates.

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Hi Rugen
You can use the GetMeshVertices function

Hi, thanks!
So, without some lines of script, this is not possible? Allright, I will write me a script then…
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import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

mesh = rs.GetObject("Select mesh", rs.filter.mesh)

if mesh:

    indices = rs.GetMeshVertices(mesh)

    if indices:

        for index in indices: print index

Hi! Thank you!
While you are at it: can you add that only the selected vertices are listed? =)

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