How to get intersection of two mesh

How to get intersection of two mesh (28.5 KB)

to get a final facade for this pattern

you have to internalize the mesh (right mouse button -> internalize data).Canvas at 13;04;51

i did the following steps but then i cant figure out how to obtain a difference of both the mesh
soild difference isnt working

have you tried increasing the offset-distance of the mesh you want to substract(also move the source surface a bit) so that the cutting mesh’ faces dont overlap with the mesh you want to cut from? its often a tolerance issue. You could also try increasing the tolerance, but a safer way might be to just make the substraction mesh bigger.

tried still not happening

it would be of great help if anyone could help me out in this

With internalizing the mesh the mesh is stored in the grasshopper file. At the moment there is no referenced mesh, I see literally nothing inside Rhino.
Alternatively post a 3dm file containing the mesh.

1111111.3dm (87.6 KB)
here is the file

Like this? (26.0 KB)


yes thank you so much mark highly appreciate it mate.

I still can’t do what I wanted
my first grid flies or is set at the angle of the second grid
do you have such a bug?