How to get good render result combining sun and skylight?

Hi everyone,

I do not understand how to use sun and skylight to get good render results. Renderings with both sun and skylight (without custom environment) are way to bright. Is it possible to get good results combining sun and skylight?

The only option I found to tweak is the intensity of the skylight, but this option is only available if a custom environment is used. Wouldn´t it be useful to be able to adjust the brightness of the sun and the skylight? Or to adjust the sensitivity (iso) of the camera?

It would be a useful feature to be able to change the intensity of both the sun and the skylight independently, so that you can adjust the hardness of the shadows and get results that could be “between” the two extremes (only sun or only skylight).

(AFAIK this is possible in Vray and really useful.)

You probably could do it quick&dirty by setting max bounces to 0 and then gamma to something like 0.5.

Actually, the thing I am missing most is an option to adjust the brightness of the sun. That would be a nice parameter to tweak if the rendering is too bright or too dark or if the sun is too bright/dark compared with other lights.

Have you checked the lights panel yet?

That´s it, thanks! I didn´t use the lights panel and looked for the option directly at the sun panel / render panel.