How to get edges of loft exported from Rhino to Revit via SAT?

I exported a Rhino model as SAT (AutoCAD) and loaded into Revit, and all the surfaces created with loft operation are shown without edges, yet they’re visible as a mass. Are there any ways to convert lofts to something else in Rhino, so it can show edges (preferrably without triangulation)?
Here’s how it looks in Rhino

in Revit

Sorry, I am not allowed to post source files here

Hello - it looks like the surfaces might be flipped in Rhino - surface normals pointing inward - use the Dir command to check, and adjust the U.V and N so that the normal is pointing outward ‘naturally’, that is with U and V in the same relationship to the normal as the X, Y and Z(normal) on a CPlane. (Right-hand rule)


Any luck?

Also, if you lofted circles to get those tubes, you might want to check the entire length of the tubes for a flip in direction - it would look like a pinch - in case the curves were not aligned in the loft.


Well… what if it’s actually a pipe with variable radius? My pardon, it was intended to be a loft first)
Surface normals are located properly