How to get different Fades on a shape

Hi guys,

I’m trying to apply fades on a Shape. Actually, my shape has 4 sides and I want to get differents fades in each one. Now, I have an attractor curve and the result in A and B is far to be good.

Is it possible to control the fading area in each side?

Many thanks in advance.

Differents fadings on a (540.6 KB)

Your attractor curve runs around the whole surface. if you want a fade between C and D to be different to the fade between A and B, then you would need to have two sets of attractor curve and have a different domain pattern, using the combined distances to control the fade.

I’ll have a look at changing the script to do what you are looking for in a couple of hours time.

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your explanation!! If I’ve understood well, I have to divide my attractors in 2 areas (from A to B and from C to B) and then create 2 different “REMAPS”… I’m goign to try it!!

Many thanks! we talk later.

Hi @christopher.ho,

I’ve been trying something but I don’t find a solution. Maybe I didn’t understand what you told me. If I define 4 Curves Attractors, the first runs well, but the second one block the first one and so on… I’m really stagnant. Could you help me, please?

Many thanks,

Differents fadings on a (562.5 KB)

so I take the original point, find the distance to each edge and move it accordingly.
The final part is done by multiplying them both so the middle moves further.

Differents fadings on a (561.5 KB)

Cool @christopher.ho!!! Many many thanks for your help !! This is exactly the result I’ve been looking for.
:slight_smile: Now I can see where is my mistake.

Thanks again!!

Thank you @christopher.ho Great leasson … :v: :fu: