How to Get A Material Type Guid, which is a plugin Type

I’m looking for a way to Change Material Type to an PlugIn Type,by using Script or Command.
1.I found how to get a Rhino type guid, such like GlassMaterialGuid. But I can’t find a plugin type ,such as “Enscape” on the picture below.

Can anybody help?
2.Once get the “Enscape” guid, I can use command:
_-Materials _Options _Change _“MaterialName” _“Type ID”
to change the type to “Enscape”. Does anyone know a better way by script, that can change a material Type?

Thank you for any help

Add an Enscape material to an empty document, then use _EditPythonScript with the following code:

import scriptcontext as sc

for rm in sc.doc.RenderMaterials:
    print(rm.TypeId, rm)

Thank you Nathan!
I can get the right “Enscape” Type Id.
Next, I’ll figure out how to use python to change a Material type from default types to “Enscape” type