How to get a good mesh for motion software

Goog afternoon people,

I am having a hard time to get a good mesh, we use the mesh for motion calculations. The motion program we use is ‘Mozes’. The motion program supports ply files. When I finished the model in Rhino I always check if the mesh is good, so that is not the problem. I thing problem is somewhere when I export the mesh to PLY, before I export the mesh I explode the mesh so every mesh panel is separated and after I join it together. Sometimes it looks like a I have luck and sometimes not what is not good for the calculations. In the picture you can see the output of the results of a good and a bad model.

In the picture of the bad results we can see -0.027 on the right side and in the picture of the good results we can see 0.001 this is the number I want, what I can understand of this results is that there is something happening with the Z-normal, what did I do wrong ?

Is there someone who can help me out ?
Thank you

Hello - what is it that is bad, exactly, about bad results in this context?



Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your reply,

We are calculating air gaps of a semi-submersible. Between this two meshes we get big differences in results about 2 meters. I know it is maybe not easiest question to ask. But it looks like rhino does makes sometimes a good PLY model and sometimes not. And I do not know why, is there any procedure to make a good mesh model ? and I mean in export settings because the mesh is just fine.

Hi Roel - I guess I need to see the original object, the good and bad meshes from it, and the meshing parameters used. (if the files are confidential, send via private note or send to, Att’n: Pascal) One thing you can try is testDoublePrecisionMesh before exporting and see how that goes- that will force double precision coordinates.


He Pascal,

Thanks for your help, I will try this tomorrow,