How to get a block reference for a block definition

Hi all,
How can I get a block reference for a block definition if the block definition is nested and no reference in the scene

Hi -

Use the Insert command and pick the block from the list?

Maybe one thing I forgot to express is that there is a material on this block, and I need to get this material, but the inserted block there is no material

Hello- use BlockEdit to see or change what materials (or other properties) are on the objects in the block. You can also set the contents to use ByParent material (in Properties) so the instance will drive the materials.
Doeds any of that help?


It does work a little. But there are some small problems, when the object is in the nested blocks with materials, changing the material source to “ByParent” gives me the material of the top level block, while I want to get the material of the level above it