How to generate RHP from RhinoPython files

I want to get RHP from RhinoPython files, I have try to use RSC_12082013 , but failure, affter install the RHP, it no run.
If anyone kown how to do this, like generate by c# or vb and so on, please give me help, I am very need it.
Think you. (2.6 KB) half_circle.rhp (9.5 KB)

Hi @pythonuser, i´ve compiled your python script and it seems to run the command half_circle using the plugin. The rhp and compiler version i´ve used is attached below. If you can run the command from this plugin rhp after installing, try to rebuild the plugin again. Note that you have to close Rhino before overwriting the old plugin.

Compiled Plugin TestHalfCircle.rhp (10 KB)
RhinoScript Compiler used: (36.1 KB)


WOW…WOW…Think you clement, Think you.