How to generate a Table

Hi All,

I want to create or draw a table or matrix by using intersection points generated by CONTOUR Command from a Set of BREP…

As shown on the gh file, I have modified the x,y,z coordinates of intersection points. Because I want that; X Value will show the Row nr, Y Value will show the column nr, Z Value will be the value of the cell… (As shown on EXAMPLE 02.PNG)

Can somebody help me??

Thank you

Sorry I forgot add my files :slight_smile: (13.9 KB)

Ornek_Govde.3dm (7.5 MB)

See attached… The red components don’t really matter but you need the Null values to keep the data structure intact (5 x 6)

Edit: attachment removed…seems it is not working right yet

this one should work correctly (11.8 KB)

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Thank you thank you Gijs… You saved my life :slight_smile:

Last question … How can I use this table (Matrix) in EXCEL…

Copy/Paste does NOT work…

My aim is to make a table from this matrix


Maybe this gives you a direction. If you have Lunchbox for grasshopper, it has some more components to directly write to an excel file. (for the sake of tidiness, I solved the red components issue) (14.9 KB)

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or like this, writing directly to a csv file… (12.3 KB)

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Wow Gijs… Thank you for your kind effort.
That worked very well…


Hi Gijs,

Since I am using OSX, I have modified your GH file… I was unable to write correct path of CSV file… See attached…

Also, I found some weird things after using gh file on different 3D Models.

Due to shape of the model, some Contours on Z Direction are not in a single piece (curve)…

See SC_01. Thats why, there are more Rows in Matrix than it should be…

And as you can see there are some useless intersection points @ 0 Level… Is there any solution to get rid out of them??


AhmetHulusiYildirim_Govde.3dm (71.4 KB) (10.6 KB)

better then in that case to make the waterlines with plane brep intersection. This way you can keep the intersections together and get rid of the points at 0 line. Study the attached carefully, I had to change the data structure a bit to make this (20.2 KB)

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Thank you…