How to Generate a Brick Wall Tutorial

Hi Guys,

I’ve published a quick tutorial showing a simple brick wall script with a little random curve generator for fun!
Hoping some find it a little helpful when getting started with grasshopper!

Link here: How to Generate a Brick Wall in Grasshopper


Very good! Thank you for this tutorial, its inspiring.

May I also make two suggestions about how to improve the tutorials even more:

  1. Prefer using labels on the components instead of icons, because tutorials are for beginners and beginners (like me) simply have no clue what the component-icons means, and thus a “quick look” at the chart doesn’t “mean” anything to the beginner. If the component names where on display one would figure it out much quicker and it would also be easier to follow what you just did when placing a component on the canvas.

  2. It would be more motivating to watch the video if it started with a screenshot showing what the result of the Tutorial will be.

// Rolf

Thanks for the feedback Rolf! I tend to keep Grasshopper set as standard as possible, which is with the icon labels as default. This ensures anyone who has just downloaded the plug-in and looking to learn can jump right in!

Nice tutorial! You could try

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What a wonderful idea! :smile:

// Rolf