How to freestyle transform models?

Dear forum,

I would like to transform models in a freestyle way, meaning that by dragging or by giving a command of any kind I randomly transform/transfigure a 3d model into strange shapes. So this is not mend to be used to scale or transform models in a very controlled way but to play with them.

I know I have been doing this by accident a while ago when I first used Rhino but can’t seem to figure out how I did this anymore. Back the I remember that I just dragged or something and the whole model would totally be transfigured.

All advice is very much appreciated!

best, Douwe

You might try CageEdit… HTH, --Mitch

In CageEdit, for the beginning, choose BoundingBox as control object and then hit Enter 3 times (notice cage points options after first Enter).

Brian James has some excellent videos online on using gumball to freestyle. Try, for example, his video on modeling headphones:

He just posted the more advanced:

Try also turning on the object’s control points and dragging…

There is also Transform -> (Twist, Bend, Taper, Stretch, Flow …). Cage editing you can do using a BoundingBox, Line, Rectangle, Box, or without specifying any of the above, and just selecting a polysurface edge. And gumball, like @cosmas said.

Thank you all so much dear people! I started playing with your tips in mind and it seems your tips are getting me where I wanted to go. Thanks!!