How to form angled column/pillar from two circle curves?

Hi, I’m trying to create a column from two circles at different heights and positions and I was struggling to find the right surface tool for the job. I tried loft which worked alright for one of them but doesn’t seem to be working with any others.

Top view of successful column

Side view of said column

Top view of columns I’m struggling with

Hello - so, the columns are at an angle? I am not sure what the goal is - an angled or skewed column? Can you post a file with a couple of examples? If it is meant to be skewed - that is not circular in cross section across the axis - then making a straight one (ExtrudeCrv) then shifting the top edge over to the target circle ought to work but so ought lofting. It may be that thye seam matching in Loft is throwing you.


So the goal is to make a column of uniform diameter with the base of one of the circles and the head of the other. This would make it angeled or skewed (excuse my ignorance, I’m not entirely sure what the difference is).

I’ve tried ExtrudeCrv and it hasn’t been very successful so far, but trying Loft out a little more has made another successful column. I think I will try and figure out the Loft command and it should be alright for the rest of them.

Thank you for your help!

Hello - I guess if the top and bottom are parallel, these can be circles and the section of the column across its axis will be elliptical, or the top and bottom can be elliptical and the section a circle - one or the other.

Columns.3dm (58.6 KB)