How to fix this? (ripping of the shade)

Hello forum,
I guess this happens when you scale down the model. Originally mine was 1 to 1 in mm, I scaled it down to 1 to 100 in mm. CP is near. Volume calculates fine, refresh shade command doesn’t help. Is there a way to fix it aside from rebuilding? Why does this happen?

I have seen occasionally that refreshShade doesn’t update the objects mesh.
try clearAllMeshes before and/or adjusting the “custom mesh” in the object properties.

other than that extracting/exploding, rebuild edges on the surfaces and joining back together should help, but if you scaled your object below tolerances you will eventually get open edges in your polysrf.

Hi @dk2079, nothing of these works, the piece is solid though. When I looked up Isocurves I saw the possible problem. For some reason gumball drag messed up this wall, in which case the only fix is a quick rebuild.
Thank you for reply.

Hi @timglobal, Sometimes a quick Expode, and then Join, can fix a meshing or bad object issue.
You can also use explode, then SelBad to see if there is a dodgy face that needs removal and then re-offset from the good face. - Michael VS

Hey, that was the first thing I did, didn’t work though.

Try, Explode, RebuildEdges, then Join…


Hi, @pascal
I’ve rebuilt the wall already, but I do meet these sometimes, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind and try it with the next one.