How to fix a geometry for 3d printing

Hello all!

I have a model of stairs that I want to prepair it for 3d printing. My problem is that the model is a disaster ( has a lot of non_manifold edges and it has to be fixed. So I would like to ask you is there any way to fix that or I have to recreate it from the beginning?

Stairs(rhino5).3dm (2.3 MB)

Stairs.3dm (2.3 MB)

Perhaps you’ll get a bit of help from Rh5 users, but only if…

I am sorry Chris ! I uploaded

Well, that’s a bit of a mess. SelBadObjects shows the bottom step to be the problem.

Yeah…I know this is the reason I am afraid of having to remodel it from the beginning…

Aside from the bad objects, you have created non-manifold surfaces by making some of the joints in your stairs edge-to-edge instead of overlapping. Not only will this create the non-manifold structures you experienced that will make 3D printing difficult, but you can’t build stuff like this in reality either…

So you will need some overlap. Below is just an illustration, I did not try to actually fix the model.


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