How to fit/distort grid cells to an irregular area/curve?


i am starting to wrap my head around building grids and panels and trying to figure out if/how it is possible to fill irregular areas with cells and get them to flow inside. Not sure how to explain this right, here’s an example:

What i would like to do is to have the cells distributed inside the yellow curve area so that no cells are outside the area and maybe distort the cells so they kinda flow along the curve shape. So maybe scale them down from the middle row (blue numbers) towards the outside curve or something like that.

I don’t really have a fixed vision for this but mainly trying to understand how i can use cells/grids/patterns to fill irregular areas like this one. I couldn’t really find any turtorials about this, most of what i found is always based on square grid areas.

Maybe using one of the preset grids isn’t the way to go here and i should tween the curve and then generate some points from the tweend curves and build the cells manually from there ?

The only thing i found is using voronoi cells and it goes in the right direction but it would still be nice to work with radial or polygon shaped cells like the standard grid panels and work with just one outline&area curve and not have to tween.

Here’s what i came up with through voronois and tweening.

You might be able to use the method of the same topology surface mapping.

mapping (17.5 KB)

hey there … that is awesome !!! i would have never thought about that :slight_smile:

many many thanks