How to find X,Y intersection on an object with radius edges

When I want to move an object by selecting the back left corner of the object to 0,0,0 coordinate I just pick that corner on an object and use the move to 0,0,0

However when I have that same object that has radius edges on the corners I have to draw lines on the back and left edges on the object to find where they intersect ( See attached example )

Is there an easier way to find that point out in space on an object with radius edges?

Thank You!

KentExample Object.3dm (92.9 KB)

Hi Kent -
You can use point filters to first set either x or y and then snap to the other.

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You could use BoundingBox with output=curves maybe.
Or use Connect to find that intersection.

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You could do this with BoxEdit with the “use bounding boxes” option as well.


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Another approach might be to use the center snap on the corner arc and move it to radius, radius instead of 0,0.

Thank You everyone for your suggestions…

I tried the “use bounding box” option and that looks like that’s going to work.

However I can’t figure out how to turn the bounding box OFF afterwards?

I just figured out that the bounding box is an actual set of lines that can be deleted… ( verses turned off )

Thanks again everyone for your suggestions… ( I’m going to also try the other suggestions to see which one is the quickest to use on a regular basis )

Why not have yet another method - for a box, you can use the Along osnap (where I type ‘a’ in the clip) to place a point:

For less conveniently aligned edges the Line command, with Extension option will get you there:


Thank you very much Pascal… This will be a great option…

Dear @kentdesautel

In such a situation why not using the available underlying data ?

  • Click on the 2D entity to display the Cp’s
  • Snap on the desired CP
  • Move the object from that Location

Rodolfo Santos