How to find the orders at the form of code

well, when I use the graficial inteface, I know use which order, such as “creating a rectangle with three points”.
but I can’t find the same order in Pythonscript or Rhinoscript. i want to know if EVERY order in the graficial interface can be found respective one in Pythonscript or Rhinoscript
Thank you

Rhinoscript methods are generally lower-level, more basic methods then Rhino’s native GUI-driven commands, and do not have dynamic previews, etc. So, no, there will not be one-line rhinoscript duplicates of GUI commands. In most cases you can construct the same geometry, you just have to write more lines of code to do so.

As an alternative, you can run the GUI-based commands inside your Rhinoscripts or Python rhinoscriptsyntax scripts with Rhino.Command() or rs.Command().

HTH, --Mitch

Hi Li_Zhipeng - I’m not sure if I understand what you’re asking but in RhinoScript, Rhino.GetRectangle() has the same ‘getter’ as the Rectangle command. Similarly GetCircle(), GetLine(),… is that what you mean? These are also in RhinoCommon of course as well.


thank you for your help. I think you have solved my problem !

Thanks for your help. For now, it seems that the upper answer is more suitable.
I wanted to create a rectangle through three known points, we can find this GUI command easily, but in rhinoscriptsyntax, there is only one similar command to manage the same operation, rs.AddRectanlge(). And this command asks me to input three paraments(plane, width, height), which is quite diffrent from my intention.

So I guess whether every command in GUI can be found the respective one in rhinoscriptsyntax or RhinoScript. If so, my work will be easier.

Hi Li_Zhipeng - I guess I’m still not sure of exactly what you need, but in rhinoscriptsyntax, rs.GetRectangle() would seem worth a look.