How to find the magnitude of the forces in origami folding?

I am trying to figure out how to compute the forces that are needed for folding an origami structure using the “Hinge” component in Kangaroo, In fact, what I am trying to compute is the magnitude of the force in each edge of the crease pattern,
As I searched through the process of implementing the “Hinge” component by @DanielPiker I found that he has inspired by two papers (“Discrete Shells” by Grinspun et al - “Interactive Form-Finding of Elastic Origami” by Tachi), by reading these, I found out that WB(x) as discrete flexural energy can be computed as below(attached picture), I wonder how can I convert this to the force magnitude in each edge of the geometry
I have also attached an example of origami folding simulation using the “Hinge” component that I found in “Kangaroo example files”, I would appreciate it if anyone can help, thanks

flexural_energy (38.6 KB)