How to find the faces surrounding a subD face?

How I can find adjacent faces of a known face of a subD surface? and for now, I am getting this information by iterating over faces but this does not give information about the corner faces or is there an inbuilt function to get this information?

Thanks in advance.

for (const ON_SubDFace* f = face_itr.FirstFace(); nullptr != f; f = face_itr.NextFace())
  face_edge = f->m_edge_count;
	for (int j = 0; j < face_edge; j++)
			const ON_SubDEdge* E = f->Edge(j);
			for (int fcount = 0; count < (E->FaceCount()); fcount++)
					const ON_SubDFace* temp_f = E->Face(fcount);          // Faces adjucent to the edge E
					fid = temp_f->FaceId();

Hi @divin.pulakudiyil,

Please review the following sample and let me know if you have any questions.


ā€“ Dale

Hi @dale .
Thanks a lot, the aim was to get the connectivity between the faces. I hope this helps