How to Find Overlapping Areas of Two Meshes or Surfaces


I have projected two .stls onto the same plane; therefore, now they are 2D objects. I need to find and record their overlapping areas in that plane. I have tried to use Boolean Intersection with both of them being surfaces and meshes, and Rhino is unable to complete this task, giving me a spinning wheel until I cancel the function. I can understand why this may be an issue, as a Boolean intersection of two 2D objects does not make sense; however, I cannot think of another way to do this. Can someone please suggest either a way to make the intersection work or a different technique that could accomplish this goal?

Thank you,

Hi Noah - - before, or instead of, projecting the meshes, use Silhouette and project the resulting curves, then use CurveBoolean on those.


Hi Pascal,

I was able to use Curve Boolean with Mesh Outline to complete this task! Thank you very much for your help!