How to find out building orientation?

Hello Everyone,
I have details of a building. For example areas of the outside walls (South, Southwest, … 8 directions), building volume, the surface to building ratio, floor height. Is it possible to find out the azimuth of the building?
Thank you

your question is not very clear, what is your definition of the main direction of the building ?
perhaps you could use oriented Bounding Box to have the main axes of your building.

If you have a definition for this direction, then Azimuth will be simple to calculate knowing with vector is North. Usually North is Y vector. And you must must use XY plane as Plane angle.

Vector A and B are “flipped” because Azimuth is clockwize when looking from above and XY plane Z direction is going counter clockwise.

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Thanks @laurent_delrieu . I don’t have a main direction. Instead, I have the building cubature of individual directions. More crude level, my question is something like, how to find the direction of the area vector?

A sketch or some examples will be welcomed. Perhaps someone will be able to help you more.

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Something like this, I would like to add the area vectors and use the resulting vector to form a rectangular enclosure. In the sketch, I added the south and southeast area vector and the resulting vector is the red mark with an angle theta (θ) and Do you understand what I mean?