How to find and identify duplicate CONTROL POINTS?

Occasionally, I get student projects that have curves with multiple & stacked control POINTS. It’s not obvious – unless you click on each point one-by-one, and verify that there are not multiple points to select.

I know that when you have multiple OBJECTS, its very easy to find and eliminate them using the Edit → Select Objects → Duplicate Objects.

Is there a command to find multiple duplicate / sub-objects / control points?

Hi Dave - there is not a command for this but I have an ancient script that seems to work OK, in case that helps for the short term… (RhinoScript, Windows only…)

FindStackedPoints.rvb (5.2 KB)

Drag and drop onto Rhino to add these aliases:

SelStacked (selects objects that have stacked points)
StackedPoints (marks the locations of the stacked points)

@schultzeworks - I added


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Thanks, Pascal. I looked through every command to make sure I didn’t miss anything … which then leads me to ask → Can this be integrated and modified for v6?

I suggest the command Edit → Select Objects → Duplicate Objects work two ways:

  • with nothing selected, it will select all duplicate objects
  • with a curve selected (and control point = ON) it will select all duplicate points.

Whadya say? Can we add this to the wish list?

Hi Dave - just fyi, in V6/WIP : testValidateControlPointSpacing



Can we make this a real command soon. Seems super useful as SelDup does not work on Control Points. Having SelDup Command also work on Control Points in 6 would also be great.

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I agree with you … in your agreement with my prior post.