How to find a middle point of a rectangular plate?

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How can I find the middle point of a rectangular plate (an extrude from 4Point surface) in order to apply a point load on it?
The middle point should be done for the plate which marked with green. see the picute


Here is the file for the model in grasshopper: (38.8 KB)

I am looking forward to your answering and many thanks in advance.

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Area ‘C’ (Centroid)


use “area” which will also give you the centroid

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Yeah, I noticed that. I won’t bother with your second file, I used the first one.

There are many ways to improve this model, the primary one being to copy the base extrusion by moving it up to where you want the top one.

You already have an ‘Upper point’ used as the center of a circle. If you move that up by the thickness of the extrusion, it should be the same as Area ‘C’ of the top surface?

BulkExpermeint_Cylinder_2019Nov23a (25.3 KB)

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Many thanks for the answering and improving the file

More simplifications, including “load point” (cyan group), and it could be even simpler… Don’t know if you want a “solid” (“Closed Brep”) from this but I added it anyway: SUnion. (27.1 KB)

P.S. Much better! (below) (25.5 KB)


Yes Many Thanks for this awesome solution

FYI, duplicate thread continued here: