How to filter branches of lists with different item numbers by True/ False test?

Dear all,
This is my first topic posted, hopefully my explanation is clear enough for those who are interested.
I’m working on making a cluster to generate probe points on a list of untrimmed surfaces by SDivide -> distinguish the direction of longitudinal axis for each surfaces -> Stream-Filter -> List-Item.

While tested with one surface a time, this cluster worked well; however, when tested with a list of surfaces, the element Stream Filter did not generate a list of combined item numbers as expected.

I am of entry level with Grasshopper, although I’ve some practices. But this is a work of modeling in my research study that I have to complete it. Any help will be appreciated. (17.9 KB)

This could be one way. (18.5 KB)
And simplified version of your cluster… (26.9 KB)

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No internalized geometry? (“Untrimmed Surfaces”) And flattening that input is probably not a good idea? Though I see that you immediately graft it in the next component, SDivide. I started on something but don’t have time right now to do a thorough job.



Nice work @HS_Kim, especially because it doesn’t use plugins! Bonus points for that. :wink:
I knew it was too complicated but didn’t have time to get into it. Thanks for making it simple (and still readable in R5).

Thank you very much @HS_Kim for help correcting it, and your kindly revising. I’ve learned a lot from your work, it is perfect to me.
I hope someday I will be able to help others here, too.

Thank you very much @Joseph_Oster for your attentions. :slightly_smiling_face: