How to fillet the following holes in full round?

There is an option in Solidworks called “full round fillet” and it fillets a nice round shape and the edge. In the following polysurface I want to do the same in Rhino. Please guide me.
Untitled.3dm (2.2 MB)

The problem is that for a full round fillet (0.25mm), the holes are too close together vertically - less than 0.5mm - so the fillets will overlap. Rhino will not do a good job on this as it does not know how to trim the neighboring fillets to each other at the points that overlap. If you use a smaller value such as 0.15, it works OK to select with a window and apply fillets, but they will not be “full round”…


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you have an option to use BlendSrf. for this delete the inner boundaries again and click them all through in repeat mode meaning with * infront of BlendSrf or with the command repeat. i made a few of those with tangency. it involves some manual work because all holes seem a little different, otherwise a polar array with one completed row or at least rotate with option copy could´ve finished it fast.

untitled.3dm (880.0 KB)

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That will, of course, change the hole inner diameter… --Mitch

no :scream:

well as you discovered yourself, a full round fillet creates a lot of mess and naked edges and since i could not find any reference for this to be a constraint :wink: blend surface is his option. another option would be of course to use some SubD technique.

A good example where the V6 FaceEdges selection is really useful, can do all fillets/Chamfers in 3 Clicks.


Can you please explain a bit?
I don’t understand what you mean by “FaceEdges selection”.
Thank you.

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In V6 , when you run Fillet/ Chamfer/Blend egde , in command bar you have an option to select each borders of a face “FaceEdges” , just click on that , then select faces you want.



Thank you. very helpful.

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Thank you Cyver for the hint.

A listing of all these hidden enhancements would be good to have.
Or is it already to find somewhere?