How to fill in a surface with material layer


How can I fill surfaces in with a material layer?

I drew a surface and added to a with a material layer called ‘graniet’ but I can’t see it

Have you changed the viewport to “Rendered” display mode? Click the top left “Perspective” and select “Rendered” from the drop down list.

I need to change the surfaces of the 2 polyhedrons to a marmer one, I tried now with brick… As you can see I made layers with the material layer ‘brick’ but it doesn’t display, I rendered the perspective view but still it didn’t

Rather than guessing what’s going on in your file, is it possible for you to upload it?

Select your object. Go to properties > materials and assign material by Layer not as object

Now your object will have the material that the layer has. Not the object itself.


herkansing.3dm (1.3 MB)

Your objects are curves. Curves show no material. You have too convert them to surfaces. Select a closed curve and type PlanarSrf. After this you can give the surface a material. See my previous post too use the layer material.

P.S. A Curve is only the contour its not closed.