How to fill a groove running around the perimeter of my model

Hello all-

I have a groove that I would like to erase.

What is the best way to go about this task?

Here, I did it in a small portion of the model using ExtendSrf and then trimming:
The reason for doing it this way is that I didn’t want another seam in the surface because I was adding geometry there and it was proving problematic.

I’ve also tried using edgeSrf for curved portions (like the one attached) or planarSrf for straight portions, and deleting the surfaces of the groove.

Wondering if there is a more efficient way.

Thank you,


groove.3dm (448.8 KB)

BlendSrf between the surfaces on either side of the groove?

will give it a shot! that won’t take care of the internal surfaces though will it?

Are those the surfaces that make up the groove? If so, just Extract the surfaces and delete them - ExtractSrf.

cool, that makes sense. thank you!