How to fill a dome?

Hi there,

how do I get a dome completely filled? So not only create planar areas at the ends, but the dome should really be completely filled.

Hi -

Please attach your 3dm file and provide more information about what it is that you are trying to do and why.
Apart from that, and generally speaking, objects in Rhino are never “filled”.

You got numerous correct replies on Reddit, so there is something about your definition of “fill” and/or “dome” that is not what everyone else thinks they mean. We need a file and illustrations of what you want.

Only voxel geometry is "actually’ filled. What are you actually trying to do??

a closed object is never filled. closing all sides making it a closed object is considered a solid. some say there might be a difference to solid modelling, but these either just have the object represented by boundary surfaces with the advantage of more parametric tools and calculations but not so different to rhino in fact.

more theory (which is kind of sparse on the web) here

but without knowing what you are actually aiming for, we all just keep guessing. you can of course fill geometry with smaller geometry, like particles, if you are familiar to grasshopper you could use kangaroo and drop some small spheres/cubes whatever you want or use a 3d software with dynamics. but these also are just smaller boundaries so it is never solid