How to fastly find a particular item from a very long list that I haven't know which one?

Sorry for the confusing title, so basically I imported an OSM file of a medium size area of a city, and then I turn the output onto a brep and I deconstruct it to get the list of all the building’s surface plan which has around 1600 items in it. I only want to get the ‘trimmed surface’ of one of the building from the whole area (where I would extrude it later on), but I have tried to find it one by one with list item component and wait for the wanted surface to be highlighted in green, but no luck, since there are over 1600 items, and I think it would be very time consuming.

Is there any way to find it fastly? thank you

if you knew the approximate area you could narrow down via a domain inclusion test

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Thank you much for the reply Rickson,
unfortunately the datas from OSM only has “trimmed surface” text when I plug it onto a panel, so I think there are no area informations of the data, or can I do something so that it will show the area of each datas?

Add an Area component.

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Wow, how can I forget that component haha!
thank you so much!